PRODUCTS - Automatic High Level Bulk Depalletizer


LEAP Machinery High Level Bulk Depalletizer is designed to automatically unload cans, bottles and all forms of PET/PVC/HDPE/Glass/Composite containers from pallets and feed these containers into the production lines.

The Depalletizer is also designed with an automatically layer pad and top frame removal unit. Empty pallets are automatically stacked onto an empty pallet stacker for removal by forklift truck.

Our Depalletizers are designed for speed up to 3 layers per minute.



Features :

  • Pallet conveyor unit

  • Automatic Depalletizer Hoist Unit consisting of :-

    • Adjustable Dual Speed Motor driven robust 4-point chain type of pallet hoist carriage.

    • Pneumatically operated full pallet infeed safety hoist door.

    • Two(2) pneumatically operated movable side walls to act as squaring devices for the full pallet when it is in the depalletizing hoist unit

  • Pneumatic sensing devices for container layer height indexing.

  • Adjustable layer pad gripper to grip the layer pad during the layer sweeping operation.

  • Variable Speed Motor driven layer sweeper with containers holding devices during the layer sweeping operation.

  • Layer pads/top frames removal using vacuum suction cups principle.

  • Layer pads/top frames hopper.

  • Matt top belt type containers accumulation conveyor, driven by a variable speed motor.

  • Compact hydraulic lift operated empty pallet stacker capable of holding up to 10 empty pallets or with load capacity of up to 500 kg.

  • HMI Operator’s touch screen.

  • Operator’s working platform.

  • Safety Guard door at the layer sweeping area.

  • Main machine electrical control cabinet.

  Hoist Unit   Sweeper Unit With Safety Guard

  Layer Pad Picker   Pneumatic sensing devices for
container layer height indexing

  HMI Operator's touch screen & Electrical Controls

  Adjustable layer pad gripper

  Empty Pallet Stacker Unit


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