PRODUCTS - Automatic High Level Infeed Palletizer Machine

LEAP Machinery Automatic High Level Infeed Palletizer is designed to automatically form cases/cartons into a pre-defined layer pattern and stack it onto an empty wooden/plastic pallet.

The Palletizer is also designed with an automatically empty pallet dispenser unit.

Our Palletizers are designed for speed up to 3 layers per minute (depending on the layer pattern & case/carton size).


Features :

  • Pallet conveyor unit

  • Automatic Palletizer Hoist Unit consisting of Motor driven robust 4-point chain type of pallet hoist carriage.

  • Case/Carton Infeed Metering belt conveyor

  • Case/Carton Turner

  • Row & Layer forming devices

  • Compact hydraulic lift operated empty pallet Dispenser capable of holding up to 10 empty pallets or with load capacity of up to 500 kg.

  • HMI Operator's touch screen.

  • Operator's working platform.

  • Safety Guard door.

  • Main machine electrical control cabinet.


  Case/Carton Infeed Metering
Belt Conveyor
  Case Turner

  Row Forming

  Layer Forming   Finished Pallet


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